A Tale of Three Ships

The team of Spirit of Travel recently had the opportunity to explore three distinctive cruise ships, each offering its own unique slice of the cruising world, from contemporary to luxurious. Let’s dive into the heart of these experiences; This is our tale of three ships:

Norwegian Spirit: The Contemporary Explorer

Our first stop was the Norwegian Spirit, an embodiment of modern cruising with a touch of Norwegian flair across its 12 decks. Despite welcoming children, the ship leans more towards adult preferences with its amenities and atmosphere, making it a less ideal choice for family adventures. The staterooms, while cozy, are elegantly furnished, but it’s the ship’s updated features like fine dining and revamped social spaces that really elevate the experience, placing it at the forefront of contemporary cruising.

Celebrity Edge: The Mid-Premium Marvel

Next, the Celebrity Edge took us into the realm of mid-premium cruising with its 16 decks of sheer beauty and innovation. The ship dazzles with its outdoor garden, panoramic bars, and the exclusive Retreat for those in premium cabins, offering a secluded paradise. The culinary journey here is exceptional, especially the buffet’s global cuisine selection that impressed us with its extensive vegan options. Celebrity Edge stands out for its groundbreaking design and amenities, such as the Magic Carpet and Infinite Verandas, showcasing a new era in cruise luxury.

Vasco da Gama: The European Gem

Lastly, Vasco da Gama offered a glimpse into a distinctly European cruising experience with its smaller scale, catering to 1,000 guests. This ship brings together comfort and style with spacious cabins that provide great value, especially for families. The European essence is felt throughout its well-appointed public areas and inviting pools. As a mid-contemporary class vessel, Vasco da Gama represents an exceptional choice for those seeking an affordable yet refined cruise experience.

Each vessel presents a unique perspective on the world of cruising. From Norwegian Spirit’s contemporary elegance and Celebrity Edge’s luxurious innovation to Vasco da Gama’s European charm, there’s a world of choice for every traveller ready to embark on their next voyage.

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